Unforgotten Beta

After 3 months of hard work, Trevor and Robert are officially launching our beta on September 1st, 2022! We are looking for 10 individuals to join our first round of the beta program.

If you clicked here directly and want to learn more about what Unforgotten Life is all about, please go back to ourHome Pagefor details about features and capabilities.

If you're interested in writing your life history, then please go to theUnforgotten App. You'll be prompted to sign in or create an account if you haven't already.


We are looking for a wide range of individuals to test Unforgotten. But we'd prefer you have the following:

  • Fluent in English
  • A computer
  • An iPhone or Android
  • At least 2 hours/week to work on writing your life history
  • Motivation to publish your book when done
  • Willing to provide feedback on a weekly basis


Round 1 of Beta testing will be free. You can use the Unforgotten App, add content, and upload photos for no charge. If and when you decide to publish your book, there will be a publishing fee. My current estimate is about $40/book but that could go up or down based on various factors. For Round 2, we may introduce a small monthly payment or one-time payment in the future but this will be nominal for beta testers. I'm looking for feedback on pricing during the beta.

Submitting Feedback

Once you sign up, I'll reach out over email with my contact info. You'll submit feedback over email or phone for now. I'm interested in bug reports, but I'm more interested in parts of the experience that are confusing or feel incomplete. I want this to be incredibly easy to use and your feedback is critical to that.

Quitting the Beta

I get it. We're all motivated and then life gets in the way. If you signup and then decide you can't be part of the beta anymore, just let me know. You'll keep all your data, but I'll take you off our list, which will make room for another beta tester.