Online editor for your memoirs

Write your personal life history securely in the cloud using our modern online editor. Keep and share with your family, publish a hardcopy book, or do both.

Don't let your memories be forgotten

Tell Your Story

Write your personal life history securely in the cloud using our modern editor. Keep and share with your family online forever, publish a hardcopy book, or do both.

Easy, Beautiful & Priceless.

An incredibly easy tool empowers the most novice user.
Professionally designed templates make your stories come alive.
Your family will cherish your legacy for decades to come.

I spent 2 years writing my memoirs in Microsoft Word. I would spent weeks fussing with formatting, photos, and the table of contents. Unforgotten eliminated that entire nightmare.

Stephen profile
Stephen J.
Age 68 from Ohio

My adult children keep the book version on their shelf, and each of my grandkids have the mobile version on their phones.

Susan profile
Susan T.
Age 78 from Utah

How it Works

We simplify the process from starting with your first story to a published book.


You write stories about your life. Start from scratch or pick from a prompt like your favorite sport or vacation?

Friends & Family

As you write about friends and family, the application automatically prompts you when you enter a new person.


Add photos to Stories or People. You can upload from your phone or download them from Google Photos or iCloud.

Pets & Stuff

Don't forget your favorite car or furry animal.

Add Dates

As you add Stories and People, the application asks for dates (or ranges if you don't remember).

Get Help

Can't remember details about your grandson? Invite your daughter to contribute to one of your stories.


Adjust the order of stories, group into chapters, review the autogenerated timelines and family charts.

Publish to Web

When you're done, publish to a secure website you can share with family.

Publish to Book

When you're really done, publish to hardcopy through one of our certified printers.


We built Unforgotten Life with critical features in-mind from the start.

Print-ready PDF

Generate a print-ready PDF to send to one of our certified printers such as Lulu, Blurb, or BookBaby.

Color or B&W

Choose between printing in full color or black & white. Of course full color looks better but black & white won't break the budget.

Partner Integration

Automatically import photos from Google Photos, Apple iCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Amazon Photos, Flickr.


Automatically include a timeline of key events in your life.

Genealogy Charts

Import from or and include both ancestry and descendent charts.


See who is reading your life history along with charts of visitors overtime.


You can control if and who reads your life history online.


Your user account has the right balance of security. The editor will stop you from adding dangerous data like social security numbers


All your stories are encrypted to stop hackers from getting your personal information.


Your project won't slow down no matter how many stories you write or photos you add.

Unlimited Users

Invite as many friends and family members you need to collaborate on your book.

Mobile Friendly

All tools work beautifully on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Pricing Options

Start with the editor, print your book, and store it in the cloud.


Our online book-editing suite

$19 /month

Buy Editor

What's included

  • Document editor
  • Photo editor
  • Integration with partners
  • Genealogy chart editor
  • 115 story prompts
  • User management
  • Includes Website for 12 months
  • Export to Microsoft Word

Not included

  • Professional editing


Print your history

$49 /copy*

Buy Book

What's included

  • Print-ready PDF
  • Color or B/W options
  • Custom sizes

Not included

  • Hardcover or leather binding

* Depends on book size and page count.


Host your eBook as a website

$9 /year

Buy Website

What's included

  • Custom subdomain
  • Private website
  • Share electronically with friends and family
  • Book Search
  • Cross-linked Book
  • Filters
  • Unlimited storage
  • Store your book for later editing
  • Analytics


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